AlpaLife is starting a new era of customized Nanobody development!
AlpaLife is starting a new era of customized Nanobody development!

 501     AlpaLife   August 20, 2019

Looking for a small, robust monoclonal antibody with high affinity and specificity targeted especially for your project needs? Then you should choose a VHH, a novel antibody, also known as a single domain antibody (sdAb) isolated from camelids or Nanobody®*. VHHs are smaller and more stable than conventional antibodies, yet they possess fully functional antigen-binding capacity. AlpaLife's cutting-edge technologies help us to bring customized antibody development to a new level, significantly reducing prices, strengthening the quality and making it accessible to customers all over the world! No more float prices, no more hidden fees or charges. From now on there are only unified fixed prices, regardless of your project details or purposes, for both research or commercial uses. We made it affordable for each research facility, no matter large or small, we strive to substitute conventional antibody with VHH and make it a routinely used antibody for labs all over the world! VHH single domain antibodies can be raised from an immune library or a naïve library. Immune libraries constructed from camels, alpacas, llamas and dromedaries can generate Nanobodies® with higher affinity and specificity within months of work. Naïve libraries, on the other hand, can produce satisfactory VHHs within 1-2 months and is especially applicable for toxic, lethal, transmissible, low immunogenic antigens or nonimmunogenic small molecular compounds. VHHs produced with our naïve library are a perfect choice for research projects.

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